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Frequently Asked Question's

Frequently Asked Question's

1. What is TALENTHON?

Ans.: A test to identify the students having ability to succeed in JEE/AIPMT/GUJ-CET/KVPY/Olympiads/NTSE etc..

2. What is syllabus for Class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII students ?

Ans.: Syllabus for any class is NCERT/GSEB portion of respective class.

3. How will it help Class VIII, IX, X, XI & XII students ?

Ans.: It will help in changing his approach towards the subject.

4. Does that mean they have faulty approach now?

Ans.: No, the usual approach is pattern recognition i.e. a student tries to remember answers to a large number of expected questions without critical analysis. We want a student who should thoroughly analyse the concepts and also develop analytical abilities in him/her.

5. Will the change in approach affect the class examination ?

Ans.: Certainly NOT, in fact it will create more interest for the subject.

6. If a student has the ability for JEE/AIPMT/GUJ-CET, what should he do further ?

Ans.: We are guiding the students in the selection of quality books and conducting regular tests to update the students about their level of preparation towards JEE/AIPMT/GUJ-CET. He/She should follow the guidelines of the mentors of IIT HUB Gujarat.

7. Don't you think it will have burnout effect?

Ans.: Burnout takes place due to constant stress. If one enjoys the process, then there is no stress. Ask your children to enjoy the subject, being rational & analytical. Allow them to enjoy the process rather than taking all the time about the end results.

8. How can one be sure of JEE/AIPMT/GUJ-CET from Class VIII ?

Ans.: If your child enjoys being analytical, then he/she has the right temperament for JEE/AIPMT/GUJ-CET.

9. How should one prepare for TALENTHON ?

Ans.: The test will be of 3hrs duration in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology having equal weightage. Sample papers are provided. So, a student should try to complete the portion of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology from the NCERT/GSEB books of respective class.

10. Do you have any coaching for foundation JEE/AIPMT/GUJ-CET?

Ans.: Yes, we have JEE Foundation & Target Courses for Classes VIII, IX, X, XI & XII students at Vadodara and also through Distance Learning Programme (DLP) & Test Series(TS) etc.